Texas CATRAC Packet State Uptimes

Follow this link to see the status of the CATRAC RMS Packet Stations in the 11 counties served by CATRAC.

CATRAC is the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council, and has taken owner ship of the Amateur Radio gear installed by the City of Austin and Travis Co OEM in 9 hospitals in Travis Co back in 2000-2001.   CATRAC has supply 18 more hospitals with 2 dual band radios, antennas, a TNC and a PC to provide backup communications should normal communications fail.  These RMS packet stations are tested by an all volunter group of hams.  We do monthly site visits on the 3rd Friday of the month to test operate the gear.

In addiditon to these 27 sites there are approximately 100 more through out the state doing a similar funtion that are online 24/7 or can be when needed.  To see a listing of those sites follow this link to the Texas RMS Packet Station Uptimes status page which is updated every 3-5 minutes by pinging the stations through the internet.

Info on CATRAC can be found here, link to www.catrac.org