ARCHES, Amateur Radio Communications Hospital Emergency System:

All 6 hospitals in Williamson Co have Amateur Radio equipment installed as a backup to their normal communications systems.  Each site has 2 dual band radios and antennas.  One radio is dedicated to voice communications and the other to Winlink email via packet radio.  Each radio is a backup for the other so both have voice and packet frequencies programmed.  Similar systems are used throughout the entire CATRAC*/CAPCOG* region.  We also have similar systems install at the Cedar Park, and Round Rock EOCs (Emergency Operations Center).

The two Make/Models of radios and TNCs supplied by CATRAC are:

Copies of thier Operating Manuals should be part of you Go Kit Jump/Thumb Drive.

  • Kenwood TM-G707A
  • Yaesu FT-8800R
  • Kantronics KPC-3+
  • Kantronics KPC-9612+


We are constently looking for more volunteers to help with this system.

Our Packet Cavalry test these systems throughout the week by sending test messages.

On the 3rd Friday of each month we try to make monthly visits to each site in Williamson Co to test operate the equipment and hold training.